Maniac Dr. Andy Warhol

June 06, 2012

Andy Warhol is the most famous artist in the world because he invented Campbell's Soup. Every time you're sick you eat his invention and get all better. If I didn't know better he was far from an artist and more of a doctor.

Today we refer to him as Dr. Andy Warhol, the guy who pretended to be an artist so as to not take the credit for saving all those lives. All those paintings he ever did were merely a ruse to deflect from the attention he was receiving as the miracle worker Campbell man.

He did create some awesome art though. If you like that weird kind of stuff. The Pop Art created soup but not pop tarts and for that I'm a bit sad. Who really likes eating tomato soup all the time?

So, after he saved the life of everyone on the planet with his miracle soupings he was quoted saying that he wished he would just hurry up and die to get it all over with... but he no longer believed in death as he was quoted saying "people don't die. They just got to department stores."

So, I guess he wanted to just go to the department store to get it over with.

Andy Warhol was a maniac.

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