The True Story of Claude Monet

June 04, 2012

They say Claude Monet was loaded on a daily basis. But let me tell you why you should love this guy.

Besides being internationally renowned for his antics he pulled on the moon with Buzz Aldrin, He also kick started the the space race with the invention of Impressionism.

As an impressionist you might think he would be out of sorts and and good willed against an ego the size of himself... but he wasn't. It was quite the contrary. He could pull off any person you could think of -- even Neil Armstrong, or the man in the moon as he's now referred to.

But none of that obscured or diminished his painting career. You see, as an impressionist he might be famous for acts of valor in times of need, but he truly just wanted to create art. 

I can certainly relate.

So, Monet retired from NASA and joined the United American League of Art in the Netherlands, which later burned to the ground as the intensity of his paintings were just too much art for the League to bare. The ashes drifted nicely onto a canvas that created the art movement known as Impressionism -- an imposter of the arts if you will.

And today the art hangs on the walls of space shuttle to remind us that we need to spruce up the moon. That's why we love Monet -- he brought color to outer space.

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