Artist Kenny Glandfield

May 29, 2012 2 Comments

I am a 31 year old man who has decided it's high time I did something for myself and my family, instead of doing it for 'the man.'
Back in late 2007, my now wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor which was situated behind her right eye. She had only just given birth to our daughter, our first child in April of that year, so this news was devastating to both of us, as if it wasn't serious enough as it was.
We went through all of the tests and scans and got the operation date and was told the surgeon was sure he could remove the tumor and that my wife would make a full recovery....which I am glad to say was the case. 
This huge scare and eventful few months was only five months before our wedding day later in 2008. So, as I sat by my wife's hospital bed we made a decision, a decision that we would follow our dreams and make something of ourselve's in the genre's we love the most.......Art.
But up until the summer of last year (2011) I wasn't confident enough in my own ability to do more or even show people what I could do until a friend asked me to spray paint a drum skin for him.
This went well and since then I have never looked back.
I have produced many custom canvas' and I am starting to produde one-off custom designed and illustrated shoe's, along with sketch work and Urban Photography I have managed to create a website to showcase the work and hopefully get my Art out into the world for people to enjoy and react to.
If anyone is interested in seeing some work my website is or alternatively you can follow me on Twitter @DexdesignKG or on Facebook via this link
I hope to hear from you via either email/comment through the site or through Twitter or Facebook Social Networks 
Many Thanks
Kenny Glandfield A.K.A 'G'
Dexterous Design

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Grace Halden
Grace Halden

May 29, 2012

Very moving story, Ken. You’re doing the right thing: always, always, follow your dreams.

Brenda Webb
Brenda Webb

May 29, 2012

You just told me my own story if that makes any kind of sense at all! Thank You for sharing and I would love to hear and learn more about you.

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