Why Vincent Van Gogh is Hated to this Very Day

Vincent Van Gogh

The history of the legendary artist and why we all hate him today.

Van Gogh is a famous artist because he is one of the few that did all of his artwork and achieved fame before death – and curiously survived many bouts with death to this very day.

As the son of ten coal miners it was clear from the start that he was going to achieve great fame as an artist. He showed great skill at an early age with finger paints and macaroni faces glued with Elmer’s finest.

As an adult , though, his might would surely shine. He invented the Great Guild of Colonial Artists in the colony of France, before it was a state in the United States, of course.  The guild went on later to invent NATO and a nuclear bomb. They should have made more because it couldn’t prevent itself from being absorbed into the UN later as an ambassador to Vincent Van Gogh himself.

When communications between Van Gogh and the guild broke down a whirlwind of disruption blew in like a hurricane of tornadoes. World War 2.1 had begun to download. It was a minor update, but it did fix a few glitches in General MacArthur’s tobacco Pipe.  A smoke brume burst forth and several CEO’s declared that smoke was not harmful to anyone whatsoever. Then we all got cancer and died.

Thanks Van Gogh.

This is why he’s on FBI’s Most Wanted List at number 2.
Number 1 is a mystery to even the FBI!

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