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May 23, 2012

I have tried to figure out how I was going to operate my two websites. [JW] and [IM].

As you know my store is on IM and JW has been a cluttered mess for quite some time. Every time I had an idea I would create a new categories etc. and implement it on JW only to later discontinue it.

Well in an effort to simplify it all I have combined all those categories into just one called "Blog" and have moved it over to IM.

Why did I move it over to this domain? Well, I wanted my JW domain to be very simple and just have my art on it. It has now become essentially just a portfolio. An extremely easy way to navigate all of my art, chronologically. Of course you can see most of my art in my store, too, but the way it displays the art is dynamic and changes based on what's selling best, or least in order to maximize sales. That means if you return to IM to look at a piece of art that was on a particular page, you might have found that it has been moved... I didn't do it.

Well, JW will list everything very simply and always bee in the same location.

I hope this serves me and all of you better.

All URLs on JW are still active and any links you have sent to those pages will still be there and delivered. So, no worries. There is simply just a duplicate article on IM now.

Bare with me though on IM as not all pictures transferred properly.

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