Say Cheese WIP

I'm going to have a final scanned and posted this evening.

If you don't follow me on twitter then you probably don't see any of my works in progress. Because really, that's the only place I post them, well there and instagram and tumblr. What can I say? I'm a liar! But if you don't follow me on any of those you're clearly out of the loop.

But if you are a bit old fashioned and follow my blog or rss feed, Yes I know, that's a new technology, but they are already old and make you  old for only seeing info that way... anyway I'm trailing off here. I posted some WIPS of Say Cheese up.

Originally I just drew him with ballpoint pen and had no desire to do much of anything else to him. Well I've changed my mind. I added color, but not just any color, only half color! So, here you have it via... instagram.

justin weinmannJustin WeinmannJustin Weinmann

It appears they're out of order. I'm not going to correct this because I assume you can figure which came first and which one came last. If you can't then I'm available for tutoring for $50/hr.

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