Introducing Artist Adam Valentino

March 20, 2012

Born in San Jose, Ca. on Oct. 10th 1983, Adam Valentino found an interest in art at an early age. Influenced by his older brother he developed a passion that continues to grow to this day. Graffiti art was something Adam had a curiosity for as early as age 6 drawing block letters and tracing different letter styles. Exposed to the Hip-Hop culture through out the 80's and into the 90's Adam continued to practice graffiti art from paper to walls developing a style of his own. In jr. high and high school Adam took art classes that broadened his use of different mediums. He took an interest in charcoal drawings and sold his first art piece for $160 to an administration associate at his high school. It was at that point Adam considered drawing and painting pieces for sale. Since then Adam has done numerous graffiti style murals and has sold paintings covering a number of subjects. Adam Valentino currently lives and works out of Hollister, Ca. He takes request and customizes all his art for individuals.[gallery order="DESC"]



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