Tutorial: Framing and Matting Your Art

March 15, 2012

To tell you the truth I don't know too much about framing. But over the past few months I've been framing my art and I've realized that what once was merely a 'neat' piece of work suddenly becomes an 'Amazing' piece of Art once framed properly.

I first started out just buying frames from the local Hobby Lobby or Michael's and they do the job pretty well, but having a custom framing job is definitely the way to go. However, that gets costly and you have to take a trip to a custom shop.

So, in the end I think I've decided to go the route of framing and matting on my own. This method on it's own can seem expensive at first as well because you will need some starter supplies.

I found a website that has a 'crash course' DIY that I've been reading over for myself.

Your going to need some supplies to get started. See those here.

First step typically now will be cutting a backboard. This will be the same size as the frame and essentially fills spaces between the art and the frame so that there is no shifting. It's really simple to cut the board. Foam board works best as most others are too flimsy. The following video shows it's simplicity.

Next you will need to move on to the Matting. For the most part that is up to you as far as color, size, bevel and all that good stuff. But here's another video that will show you basic techniques for cutting the matting.

Now that you know the simplicity in cutting the matting now you will have to realize that there is some math involved. The same website I referenced above has a great detailed account of measuring properly to make sure that you cut the matte perfectly. You can visit that page here.

A little extracurricular is available on that same website if you were to keep reading onto the next page. It has some cool tips on how to make custom mounting corners, etc. It's a very useful technique and will add a very professional touch to your future framing endeavors.

After all that I say put your frame together. It's pretty self explanatory after that. If you have any question you should definitely ask the person that wrote that terrific article I referenced, because, let's face it, I'm barely learning myself.

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