Introducing Artist Erik Martinez

March 12, 2012 1 Comment

I wanted to share with you the art of Erik Martinez. A fellow Hostonian and friend I met on Twitter. Here is a short Bio he wrote himself.

My name is Erik Martinez, I'm from Houston, Tx, and I have always been an artist. Since the first day I held a pencil, I have been creating in some way. As I got better at drawing what I could see, I decided to draw things I could only imagine. Since then, I've worked in many different mediums, genres, and surfaces. Constantly striving to be better. However, I've always only drawn for myself (and the occasional commission). When considering what I wanted to be in life, "Artist" was considered, but quickly pushed aside. I felt that drawing as my occupation would drain the natural inspiration and fun from the craft I hold so dear. It wasn't until a few years ago that I snapped to my senses and realized: An Artist is what I need to be. No other role would ever be as fulfilling as being the permanent creator of odd and beautiful things. To deny myself this would be foolish and downright boring. My goal now is to make a place for myself in the art world and to become a part of the awesome community of artists who share in these dreams. Thank you to anyone who was curious enough to read this, I appreciate your attention and hope to keep it as I improve my skills. Take care!

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Yvonne Cantu
Yvonne Cantu

March 13, 2012

It’s true, Erik has been drawing since he was so young. We’ve always told him he was going to be an Artist when he grew up. He’s continued to get better and better…

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