The Art of Libby Vanderschuit

February 27, 2012

Currently living in British Columbia but originally from Manitoba Libby has recently taken the path of trying to introduce the world to her artwork through the all-powerful internet. She's got big plans of visiting Europe in the near future and that has given her the incentive to start showcasing all of her work to internet spectators.

Attending Medicine Hat College for Applied Arts for Visual Communications since her recent move to BC she has learned a terrific amount about art, specifically the tattoo industry. She recently had huge eye-opener when attending the Calgary Tattoo convention with her friend Liam, who must be really cold because he's from Australia and man I know how cold it gets in Calgary. Either way Libby's appreciation for art has recently seen new heights, though she says she's always been appreciator of it. That is something I always love to hear from people, I like knowing that no matter how much someone loves something there is always more room for it in their lives.

Anyway please check out some of her work below and visit her website.


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