Introducing Artist Adam Thomas

When I asked artists if they wanted to have an article written on them this past week a very talented Adam Thomas answered the call. I spent a lot of time going over his website and he just simply has some very amazing art that all of you should check out. Truly.

A few of his pieces:

A Leap of Faith: Quitting a Corporate Job and Making Art for a Living

Adam Thomas was born and raised in Battle Creek, Michigan and moved
to Arizona when he was 25 years old. After ten years working in corporate
marketing, he quit and pursued a career creating pet portraits. Using his
marketing background the landed spots on television news morning shows with
his clients and their pets. After building a reputation as a respected artist while
grabbing the attention of a few local celebrities and one major rock star, Adam
transitioned his pastel pet art business into large oil paintings of clouds and trees.

He showed at his first gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he sold consistently
every month. With that success, he started showing in more galleries in Arizona
and California and developed what is now know as the “Red Tree” series.
He took these new paintings to Atlanta galleries and was also represented in
Ashville and Highlands, North Carolina.

Today, living in Michigan, Adam is working in a new direction of whimsical
paintings with abstracted backgrounds, using wax and surreal representational
themes. One of his new pieces shows a lily pond that is melting, bright orange
wax dripping over the flowers. In other paintings, you will discover portraits of
chimpanzees or flying birds amongst soap bubbles.

Artist Statement
I have had a strong love for animals and nature since I was a little kid growing up
in rural Michigan. My first drawing deemed scrapbook-worthy was from the 4th
grade, of an elephant. So it is no surprise to see monkeys and birds in my work
today. I love going to the zoo and photographing animals that later appear in my
work. Instead of realistic studies of these animals, I want to bring a bit of humor
and joy to my work. That is where my soap bubbles come in -- they just make
people happy. Including me!

In my artistic journey, I have tried many styles and methods. My recent
exploration was with wax medium and a heat gun. I wanted to take images of
nature like rocks or the ocean, abstract them and create a new landscape of
colors. Even though these abstract pieces are successful and beautiful on their
own, I felt that I was alienating my pure passion of realistically painting animals
and nature. My new work, therefore, is a combination of the old and the new
styles, creating more surprises yet staying true to my love of the animal kingdom
and the beauty of our natural surroundings.


Gallery Representation: 

The Leigh Gallery, Chicago, IL

Recent Publications:

Traditional Home Magazine, Oct 2011

Upcoming Expositions:

One Inspired Evening, March 2, 2012,, 6-10pm,
Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Union Hall, 1340 W.
Washington, Blvd 60607

One Man Show
Buchanan Art Center
Buchanan, MI
June, 2012

Krasal Art on the Bluff
July 14 - 15

Ann Arbor Art Fair
July 18 - 21

If you're an artist and would like me to write an article like this about you please contact me.

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