Justin Weinmann's Weekly Update - February Schmebruary

February 16, 2012

Justin WeinmannThis week I didn't really get to do much art or writing on the site because I was in Florida until Tuesday. But for the last couple of days I made an effort to do some really awesome things.

I only sketched a bit and wound up with this little gem in progress of an all grown up Alice.

See! Not too much happening this week. However, I did manage to knock out a couple of decent articles that I think all of you should read. The first one being imperative to the growth of any artist.

How to Expose Your Art in the Golden Age of Social Media

This article is great to me because it explains my philosophy on how to get your work out there and to be a truly productive member of an artistic brotherhood. It explains how helping other artists will inevitably help you as well. Give it a read.

Also, I wrote on a really awesome artist this week that you should all check out.


Angie PoramboIntroducing Artist Angie Porambo

She's got some new T-shirt designs with a zombie Jesus that I'm really digging.

I also did an article on a project called the "Eight Arms of Inspiration." That title alone is simply brilliant and inspiring in of itself. The project is a book collection of tons of different styles and mediums of the almighty octopus. Don't pass up the opportunity to contribute to this either.

Contribute to the Eight Arms of Inspiration Project

Since I haven't been doing much artwork this week I didn't dig through tons of artwork and look for inspiration too much, so I don't really have an artist of the week, BUT I did cleverly find another way to attribute yet another form of art to cavemen... and that is worth reading every time. LOL.

Art History: A bit about graffiti


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