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February 15, 2012

Justin WeinmannAbout a week or so I was asked to contribute to a really awesome idea called the Eight Arms of Inspiration. Immediately I gravitated to it because for years I used a squid as my artwork logo. (This Squid to the Left!) I was unable to contribute that illustration because of it's tie to a book, but I felt I should contribute in some way or another. Therefore, I decided to announce to all of you readers out there that this project is definitely awesome and you should check it out.

Here's some words directly from the project creator's mouth:

Another subject dear to my heart is keeping the creative spirit alive in our schools. I'm the mother of three teenagers and during the time they have been in the educational system, I have seen a steady decline in the importance placed on art. One of my sons is taking an art "class" this year in high school and it's downright pathetic the lack of enthusiasm, instruction, and inspiration that he is receiving. Not only that, but they just don't have the resources for materials, and as an art lover and ink aficionado, it breaks my heart to see this happening. So long-story-short, I wanted to use a portion of the profits made from the books sold to give back to this area that I see is in such jeopardy. We will be donating 10% of the book sale profits to which is an amazing charity that helps pair donors with teachers and classrooms that need help. If you haven't heard of it before, I highly recommend browsing the site and getting a feel for what they are doing and the difference it is making!

I think a collection of some really awesome creatures from a vast array of mediums, styles and artists will make one terrific book. So, for those artists that would like to contribute to it, there is still time. Deadline is April 6, 2012. So, give it a shot and get your art exposed.

Then while you're at it follow the progress of this project on

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If you're an artist or have an art project that you want me to expose for you just go here!

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