Introducing Artist Angie Porambo

February 15, 2012 1 Comment

Well, I've got an artist for you all to check out today. Her name is the Angiechrist! Sounds legit to me. Anyway, she is an artist currently residing in Las Vegas but grew up in Pennsylvania. Presumably she moved to the City of Sin after earning her Antichrist moniker in catholic school. Good move I say, lol.

She says her influences are Frank Quitely, Jim Lee, Ian Churchill, and Dr. Suess. She says she loves mostly dark art, something with a nasty little twist. Musically, she's inspired by mostly blues when she draws -- gritty-dirty blues, she adds.

Some of her notable work: She's done some Blowfly picture discs (Hole Man and Burning Pussay) and a comic for the Turbojugend fan club. (limited 300 print run, sold out in a week!)

Angie PoramboAngie PoramboAngie PoramboAngie Porambo

Yesterday, I was on Facebook and noticed an update she made of some shirts that she has available for purchase now. The zombie Jesus one is personally my favorite. Buy One! But she has much more work that you should check out.

|  Visit her Website Here  |  Her Tumblr  | Her Twitter  |

BTW If you would like me to write a little bit about you and your artwork I will. Check this Out.


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Justin Weinmann’s Weekly Update – February Schmebruary | Art of Justin Weinmann

February 16, 2012

[…] Introducing Artist Angie Porambo […]

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