Artist of the Week: Bobby Chiu

February 08, 2012

Because I've been out of my element lately (I mean that I'm making cutesy stuff) I've been  looking at other artist to help break out of my box of insanity to make stuff that other people would consider, well, normal.

And someone that I looked into this week and spent a good amount of time looking at was the art of Bobby Chiu. Actually I spent a lot of time on the the website of Imaginism Studios, which he is a part of. In fact, I may have some more of their artists posted on here in the near future because I can't really see myself departing from their site anytime soon.

The art is fantastic and great for inspiring me, and possibly you, to make artwork that is, for a lack of a better word, adorable. In the past you wouldn't have caught me dead making something cute or pretty. Well, what can I say? We all grow up.

But before you grow up to much make sure to take a look into the art of Bobby Chiu. It's spectacular.

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