Chris Brown, See his work at the National Gallery of Art in February

January 31, 2012

Want me to Post an Article about YOU and YOUR ART on my website?

So, my new project of helping artists expose themselves has now taken flight with our first artist Chris Brown from Gonzaga College High School in Washington, D.C. Currently a senior in High School he's working in an AP Studio Art class along with work at the National Gallery of Art.

He's looking to further study photography with a double major in geology, biology, or journalism at VCU, University of Mary Washington, or Maryland Institute College of Art.

After studying film and digital photography he has compiled a portfolio available at his flickr account.

He's currently working on his own website and we'll let you know when that is done and spread the word on that one.

Lastly, he's going to have a piece of work exhibited at the National Gallery of Art on February 24th-25th. So, if you're in the area during that time make sure to swing by and check it out.

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