Houston Arts Alliance

February 03, 2012

Being from Houston, each week I try to post something about Houston from an art perspective. Well, this week were going with Houston Arts Alliance.

I've been out of town for a while, so they are new information to me. So, let me dig into it a bit to let you all know the deal with them. They are a non profit organization that apparently gives a large chunk of money away each year to other nonprofits and directly to artists as well. That sounds great to me. Need to see about asking for some of that dough, lol.

They also manage the city's civic art collection, currently about 450 artworks.


So, there's a good reason I had never heard of it. Apparently it was opened in 2006 by then mayor, Bill White. I've been out of town since 2003 and only came back a few months ago. Lots of things change and I gotta catch up. It says in the history section of their website that the funds that are donated come from the city's hotel taxes. I think that is a pretty good technique for funding this. Visitor's to the city could be funding the very things they are coming to see. Great idea in my opinion.

The Strategic Plan:

One of the links on their webpage is a .pdf and the first thing on their list of objectives is very awesome indeed.

  • Investigate, evaluate and promote opportunities for strategic expansion of the arts sector to advance tourism and improve quality of life.

The remainder of that piece of literature has some really great info in it as well. Read that here.

Overall, it looks like Houston did something very good for the arts by creating this organization. I think I'm going to have to follow them on twitter now to keep up with what they got going on. Maybe you ought to as well.


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