Artist of the Week: Tara McPherson

February 01, 2012

I've been on Twitter doing the tweet thing a lot lately and I stumbled across an artist on there... I did just mention two different social networking techniques there... Litterally stumbled, not using stumbleupon, via twitter into a really awesome artist that I had never seen before:

Tara McPherson

I know a lot of you would probably think that it's odd that I like her artwork as much as I do because it is so different from my own... Well, you all don't know the type of art I've been working on lately because I haven't posted any of it yet because none of it's done... and stuff like hers is actually similar to a lot of things I'm working on.

Not, so much the technique or the style, but more a long the lines of a feminine content. Less grotesque and more beautiful. And that is why I like her work so much, it has a beauty about it all. Even the work that has a dark element to it. It just pops and makes you  want to own some of her work. Either way it's fun to look at and it inspires me to continue going down the path that I've been working on lately. And for that I thank Tara for making the art that she does and I hope all of you take a look at her work and let her know what great job she is doing.

Check out her website here.


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