Art History: Cavedudes part III

Since I've been writing more and more on cavedudes and the art they crafted I've naturally been reading more into it. And I've stumbled upon something that kind of made me think for a bit about something I never really thought about.

Here it goes:

Cavedudes of the Mesolithic age invented role playing games!

You heard it first right here from me. I'm not even lying is the funny part of that statement.

Need some proof? Or, maybe just some clarification. Well, I got some for you.

See, when I was telling you about all the stuff before, I mentioned cave paintings and pottery. Later I touched on weapons because they are awesome. BUT, I left out one very important thing that the cave-people were producing: Painted figures of themselves for acting out role-playing games. No lie!

Here's what they did back in those old days. They would get tired of painting animals all the time, which they did on walls, which were in caves, which were dark and dank and scary... naturally. So, sometimes, even in the ice age, the sun would come out and it would just be an awesome day. So, those cavedudes were all like, "man, it's a nice day today." Probably sounded less like English and more like grunts though. Anyway, after they grunted their expressions of what a lovely day it was, they all concluded they should be outside to doing their extracurriculars. So, they painted rocks! Rocks were used for making humans instead of animals. Don't question it. It makes sense to me. We look very similar to rocks in my opinion.

Anyway, naturally after you had everyone in the tribe painted into figurines it only made sense to start acting out future attacks and hunting methods.... and you know it was only a matter a time before they invented wizards and dragons and the like.

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