Artist of the Week: Dave Correia

January 25, 2012

I recently bought a small print of Alex Pardee's and when I received it in the mail, two small postcard advertisements  were included. One of which really peaked my interest. It was simply a pretty cool looking drawing with nothing else on it but a website that said

Anyway, I decided to check out the website and found that it was the artist website of Dave Correia. I'm not really certain if I had ever noticed his work on zerofriends or not, but this time around I surely did. I spent a good while going over his site and like a good majority of it.

Some of it is eerily similar to things in my sketchbook from years ago. The work with gears and cogs and whatnot juxtaposed next to the natural world. I still actually put those things together relatively regularly, however, one of his drawings really struck me. So, I bought it too. Here's a link to it.

So, I truly suggest checking out his site and seeing just what he has to offer.

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