Artist of the Week: JD Hillberry

January 18, 2012

I openly admit that my pencil drawing skills are lackluster and woefully inadequate. So, about a week ago I started looking through some tutorials and looking for artists that are very adept with pencil. I was digging around a bit on deviantART and discovered JD Hillberry.

Somehow I ended up on his website, then his facebook page, and then on his youtube channel. It was endless. I just kept digging into everything he had and couldn't stop. His artwork in simply amazing. Now, what he does is not my style and I don't really plan to endeavor upon the creationing of the pencil art, BUT I do use pencils occasionally for small stuff and he has really inspired me to use them a little bit more and through some of his tutorials he has given me faith that I can deliver something with a little more substance from here on out.

The tutorial of the week will from his too, simply because I spent some time watching his videos over and over and found them very useful and I hope you will too. I'll touch on  that in a different post.

This page is more of a tribute to JD Hillerby because of his great skill and talent. He not only is a master of pencil work, his style is unique and offers a very awe inspiring perspective into the surreal world, which is a style that I like to make happen upon occasion.

Check out his website

and follow him on Facebook here, where he posts some great tutorial vids.

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