Bank of America Center (Houston)

January 13, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I wanted to start writing about some of the cool things in Houston. Artistic, unique, or just simply awesome. I also wanted to make sure that  these articles weren't just a snippet saying, "that thing over on blah blah street is soooooo cool!"

No, I wanted to actually say a few things about it. Because let's face it, there are a lot of cool things around this town and the majority just simply don't have the time to look it up or simply forget to do so.

So, if you have any ideas for things around town and just don't know what the deal is and think I should let everyone know about it please contact me and let me know.

But as of today I want to write about the Bank of America center in downtown, also known as 700 Louisiana. The reason? Well everyone that visits Houston and sees its downtown is instantly struck by a few very unique buildings. Topping the list: Bank of America Center because of its tiered sections covered in granite chiseled into a Gothic looking cathedral.

Even cooler is that, according to wikipedia, "the building contains an art gallery in the lobby and plans to host curated exhibitions such as art shows." Here I am talking about art on a daily basis and living in Houston, seeing that building all the time and loving it and I never even knew that they have a gallery in there. Now I need to go... and so do you.

The building by the way, is 780 feet tall with 56 floors built in October 1983 by award winning architect Phillip Johnson and John Burgee. So, now the next time someone is like, "man, that building is awesome." You can respond with yeah and it has an art gallery in the lobby and I know how tall it is and when it was built, In  Your Face! Which might earn you some snide comments and possibly a punch in the face, but hey, knowledge is power!

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