Artist of the Week: Burne Hogarth

January 11, 2012 1 Comment

Normally I like to do artists that are still alive and kickin', but today I've decided that I need to pay a little tribute to Burne Hogarth. For one reason really: He's the one that taught me to draw when I was a kid. No, not literally, because I didn't know him... but I sure knew his books inside and out.

Only one of my original books remain in my collection and that's Drawing Dynamic Hands. I had let people borrow my many others over the years and no longer actually possess them. And what reminded me of Burne Hogarth today was that I couldn't find any of those books and sat down on Amazon and ordered a couple more of my missing ones.

I've been told over the years that my style of drawing people and their anatomy is far from realistic. Well, blame all on Hogarth. It's entirely his fault. You see, his style was so much more accurate than mine... and actually good. But, he loved detail in things like muscle and sinew. I grew to love those parts of the anatomy that I begain to accentuate those parts of people in my drawings that they no longer looked human, but much more of a contorted demon or something. From that my style blossomed into what it has become today, highly detailed, yet wildly inaccurate. Now, I don't see much wrong with that if you're not trying to paint portraits of people. I think it's a unique quality that offers a very interesting take on most things.

So anyway, Hogarth was known for the Tarzan comics about a hundred years ago. Seriously, that long ago, I'm not joking... I wouldn't. Okay, maybe it only seems like that long ago. Either way, I'm far from a huge fan of Tarzan, or his comics. But I absolutely love the teaching books authored by Hogarth over the last 30 years of his life.

Dynamic hands is one of my favorites because we all know just how hard it is to draw those damn things. But, I think my absolute favorite is Dynamic Anatomy, because that is the one that made me the artist I am today.

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Tutorial: How to Draw Hands | Art of Houston Artist Justin Weinmann
Tutorial: How to Draw Hands | Art of Houston Artist Justin Weinmann

January 27, 2012

[…] I did an artist of the week on Burne Hogarth and mentioned that I only had one book left by him, which was Dynamic Hands. It made me realize […]

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