Bayou City Art Festival

December 30, 2011

I've decided to create a section about Houston and all the great things it has to offer. So, each week I plan to bring to you yet one more jewel residing within Space City.

But for this week: The Bayou City Art Festival

I have only been to the festival twice. But each time I had a great time... because I love food and art, and they have both.

This October I went and got the VIP package deal and that was awesome. Got some wine and beer out the deal and a cool wristband, alongside some close parking... which is always great.

Some of the artists were new some were seen before, either way they were all fun to look at. A friend of mine bought a cool print from Gabe Leonard, which I loved and wish I had purchased.

Anyway I wanted to paint a portrait of just what Bayou City Art Festival is. According to their website they have been doing the festival for over 40 years. More can be read about them here.

It was originally known as the Westheimer Colony Association back when it got started in 1971, later to become the Westheimer Street Festival. It slowly evolved into a full fledged art festival and the Downtown festival that happens in the fall moved into the Sam Houston Park in 2005 after the construction on Smith St. was completed. Now it is truly a city wide art festival instead of just the neartown roots it began with. Today it is a very well known festival nationwide and attracts spectators and artists from all around.

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