The Things You Say

December 26, 2011 1 Comment

The thunder of blunder

and doom of dismay

the things you see and the things we be

the blunder of doom

and the thunder of dismay

Look over your shoulder for all the things you say

and when you fail

the things you hear

oh the things you hear

but in success

the things you say

oh the thunder of dismay

and the boom of blunder

the things you hear

sent asunder

sent us under

all but the words you say

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December 27, 2011

The Things You Say, Part II

The sweet breath of blunder

As you breathe the words of dismay

The things we see are never what we be

The dooming blunder looms

Breathing thunderous dismay

Looking back at you over your shoulder

Watching all the things you say

And if you fail

The things you fear

Become the things you hear

But when you succeed

The things you say

Breathing only words of dismay

And doomed by a blunderous thunder

The things you said are said right back

Echoes asunder

Taking us under

All because of the words that you say

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