Art History: The Beginning

I have a new section of the site I'd like to start working on:

Art History

I know to most people art history is really boring and hard to read about. So, what I would like to do is write in my style, some normal guy, about it in terms others can get it in. Most books are loaded with tons of terms that are simply boring. Well, maybe this will be to a lot of you too, but I'll do my best to get things rolling.

I plan to post an update about some part of Art History most Tuesdays around 4:00 pm EST. So, tune in on those days to hopefully learn some shit.

This being my first article I want to simply state that Art History, to me, refers to visual art. You're not going to get music or choreography, or acting, or any of that here. It's all about what you can see and the history behind it.

So, the beginning: It all started with cavepeople. Yep, cavedudes were the first ones to do it. Sometime ago, way before you and I were born, some guy somewhere, probably in Eurasia as mankind had yet to make it to the Americas, noticed that burnt wood, charcoal, made a mark on most surfaces when it brushed up against it.

Since, writing had yet to be invented, ideas and whatnot were conveyed with this charcoal with symbols. So, at some point animals were drawn as lifelike as possible for those prehistoric people to represent the animals they were trying to represent.

Since their entire lives revolved around animals it makes sense that they were drawing animals and their lives that revolved around them. Such as hunting, eating, killing, cleaning making clothes out of animals.

Beyond making marks on cave walls, cavemen also made pottery. And over time they began to decorate them as well with little marks to either beautify them or simply to put marks that had meaning on them. Eventually these two major skills evolved into all the art that we now enjoy today.

So, to simply, cavedudes were drawing with burnt shit on walls and realized they could draw some lifelike stuff to represent their world around them. Overtime our skills, as people, become so adept that we can make some real ass looking paintings today.

Next Week: I'm going to write about Cavedudes some more.

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