Artist of the Week: Alex Pardee

I've been following Alex Pardee since 2003 when I got my first DeviantArt account and stumbled across his work.  Though I don't have the same style as him I'd like to think he can think outside of any box you give him, much like I hope myself to truly be.

Well, the reason I decided to give him credit for this week is that I often look at his work then take a break from it then return to it. Well, when I feel I need a little bit of some creative inspirtation, like this week, I will turn to his website.

I really love his mixture of colors and juxtaposition of things that clearly don't go together. Earlier this year I purchased his new book from his zerofriends webstore.

When I purchased he was offering a free print with it. Which I got, but I don't believe he's doing that anymore as he's pretty successful and has already sold out of those.

Either way the book is pretty damn cool and I recommend anyone  interested in any kind of art check it out.

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