Byzantine Frescoes Headed Home

December 20, 2011

Houston has been a temporary home for some very interesting visitors for the past 28 years. Byzantine frescoes have been housed here on loan from Cyprus and are to be returned this March.

From what I've read it looks like as soon as they were purchased off the black market they were given to us as a loan. Which means, to me, that the people of Cyprus must be very excited to get these back and put them on display.

Another interesting thing about this is that we are in possession of frescoes from the byzantine era. Frescoes in the Byzantine Empire were almost done exclusively for religious reasons and that means that we are in possession of a really old Church's walls.

Since, I have never seen these frescoes I feel I should make a special trip before March to take a look at these before I have to make a trip to the Mediterranean. All of you should as well because of the historical signifcance of these pieces alone.

For Christians this is a very important artifact because the Byzantine realm was essentially the birthplace of Christianity. Emperor Constantine was the first Christian Emperor and legalized Christianity in the city of Byzantium, his capital of the Roman Empire.

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