Miami Art Museum Now Named Jorge M. Perez Art Museum of Miami-Dade County

December 08, 2011

The title here, alone, is hilarious!

Another art museum in Miami is called Carnival Center for the Performing Arts. LOL. You know where that name came from? I bet you do. Take a wild guess... You know what kind of carnivals Miami has? Cruises! That's right. Carnival cruise lines donated $20M to the museum and they changed their name to reflect that.

This is getting increasingly more ridiculous. BASEketball really nailed it with this one with the movie suggesting sports would one day play be played in "Maxi Pad Stadium." I mean I know that doesn't really exist, but what the hell does Carnival have to do with art and why would an art Museum name themselves after a rich guy that gave them money?

It just seems like people will stroke anyone's ego they can as long as they are paying... Might as well stroke something else too if your going to whore yourself out.

Name a particular hall after the guy or an auditorium or something. Not the whole damn museum. I agree, too, with some locals arguments that the name will take from them future donations. I wouldn't donate art to a museum entitled Jorge M. Perez Art Museum... I would think all the art in there belongs to that guy, or he created it all. I would, however donate to the Miami Museum of Art.


Here's a link to the article I read to find this garbage out.

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