Jesus/Satan Ambigram

December 07, 2011 2 Comments

Asked if I still had this laying around???

Sure do... Thanks for making me remember this Kade.

Took a shot with my phone and flipped the word so you can see it and posting it here to share with all you people who had never seen it before. If you hate it just shut up.

Full Image Link HERE!

2 Responses

Kade Campbell
Kade Campbell

December 07, 2011

You’ll be happy to know that after carefully going through your artwork, I decided that the next tattoo I get will be one of your drawings. Still unsure as to which one but ill figure it out. Keep pulling more twisted shit out of your head and turning it in to art. Keep it up.

Justinian Wallace Weinmann
Justinian Wallace Weinmann

December 08, 2011

Sounds awesome to me! Make sure to email the pics of the tattoo so I can post them on the website and show everyone. Keep watching my updates. I may very well create something new that you want to get on you.

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