Toyota Love is Art

November 14, 2011

So, The Love is Art thing is kicking off on the 19th in Detroit.

Before I rag on the very thought of what the first line and the title suggests, let me first explain some of this event.

I've seen a ton of posts about this project and none of them posted the link to the actual event's website. So, there, if you're interested in checking it out at least I've linked it for you unlike a million other posts that are just talking about it.

The concept was founded by Jeremy Brown and LoveisArt is apparently a "KIT" you can purchase for approximately $60 that you and your signifcant other can purchase to make oh so, sweet, beautiful art together  upon. Get to that love making on a canvas!

I'm not certain if I want to get fancy with my Love or my Art, so I think I'll just pass. I'd just like to comment on the fact that the event is being kicked off In Detroit "Motor City" and is being sponsored by Toyota. Make of that what you will. A big slap in the face I say!

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