7 Things I hate About Anime

For all intents and purposes I'm using the word Anime loosely to include Manga and all the other Japanese style forms of art that have plagued the world for the past couple of decades.

  • 7 - Sexuality. I know not every anime story out there has an  element of sexuality but the ones that do should just stop it. They are useless to the plot and most characters performing these acts look asexual. Anyone that is turned on or tuned in waiting for the sex scene need to analyze their current situation and see if they may need to seek counseling. If you're a kid and you say this is the only way you can see the goods.. You're lying! Porn is all over the internet now days and is accessible by everyone.
  • 6- Whiny! There is simply just too much whining in the story. Characters become annoying and unbelievable, which results in a very shallow plot because too much time is spent on developing an unbeleivable character and stuffing story arcs with fillers.  Which brings us to the next one.
  • 5 - Fillers. Simply put, fillers are put into the stories to waste your time. They are added to create fluff, which is to give you the illusion that there is actual substance to what you're reading/watching etc. But, in actuality they just make for horrible story lines that become long and unwieldy. Why not just chop out the fluff and put the material out for what it is? Make them short and to the point and they would be much better and I guarantee the fans wont go anywhere. They'll love it no matter what you do. So, there's no need to worry about losing fans, but you might just gain a few... and that alone is worth it.
  • 4 - Loving anime for the sake of loving anime. It seems kids, especially, jump on the bandwagon because all their friends did. Can no one develop a taste in art and storytelling on their own and realize that this is not good at all? How many times have you run across someone that just LOVED anime only to find out later that they know absolutely nothing about it.
  • 3 - All the characters look the same except for slight changes, such as hair and eye color.  Is this some kind of racist thing where everyone says Asians all look the same and they exemplify this as a joke? If so, I don't find it funny. In fact the only way I find this is confusing. It confuses me to not know if this main character is not the same character from a million other stories.
  • 2 -  Bad Art Style. Simplicity is fine, but when you have a saturated market like that of the anime world, simplicity is a mind killer.
  • 1 - The movies are better than the comics. American comic books are notoriously much better than any of the movies that were ever made based on them. It's sad to me to suggest so little effort can be put into the such an awesome medium.

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