If you look you shall see

November 09, 2011

I tell you, you can see whatever in the hell you want to see if you just look for it... even the devil!

Who would want to even want to find the devil? An art historian in Italy named Chiara Frugoni, that's who. She said that a fresco, done by Giotto somewhere around 1289, contains an image of the devil that has been over looked for, well, ever since 1289. That's a long damn time for us not to notice an image of Satan.

Why would he sneakily drop an image of the devil in a time period where you would be burned at the stake for even having someone barely even mentioning you had ties to Lucifer?

What's more, during this time the visual image of the devil hadn't even really been created. What we modern-day folks think the devil even looks like wasn't dreamed up until Dante wrote the Divine Comedy, which was completed in 1321. So, how did Giotto put an image of the devil in his work that could be easily ascertained by someone living centuries later?

So, my theory is that there must be secret devil worshiping going on in Italy currently... not 700 years ago. If you look you shall see.

Some real news on this topic.

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