When Dirt is Good and Clean is Bad

Sometimes funny shit happens and we all laugh. And sometimes funny shit happens and not many people laugh. This time, when referring to funny shit I'm referring to something we should all laugh at because it's damned retarded.

In Germany's Ostwall Museum there used to sit a dirtied up old sculpture by Martin Kippenberger valued at $1.1 Million. Now the sculpture still sits there, but it is no longer dirty. Actually it is quite clean due to a lady on the cleaning staff at the museum.

It seems Kippenberger had hand painted a patina to make it appear as thought the bucket had once contained water. Apparently he was a terrifically talented artist because she sure as hell believed it was real and proceeded to clean it off.

Naturlly all those uppity hoity-toity types are freaking out about its destruction. But have no fear I say because Kippenberger was a badass guy. He liked things that were funny like this and did all kind of shenanigans in his life time that would make this cleaning look much more innocent than it actually is... like a cleaning.

A real news post about this.


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