Klimpt's 'Litzlberg am Attersee' Sells Big at Sotheby's Bait and Switch

I'm not too much of a fan of impressionism, but I'm a huge fan of money! And that's exactly what this impressionist painting was just able to obtain... something that still eludes me.

The painting was done in 1914-1915 and survived some of the onslaught of the world wars, as expected. But, what wasn't expected was for it to reach a price tag of $40 Million.

Yep, you guessed it, $40 million is a lot of clams, good hunch you got there!

Sotheby's auction valued it previously at$25M. Am I the only one thinking they might not be the best in the appraisal circuit? Might want to consider not going to their auctions for fear of falling for the good ole Bait and Switch.

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