Chris Ryniak - Artist of the Week

November 02, 2011


I've recently came up with the idea of writing about an artist of the week. Let me explain this for a brief half second. I don't know much about art, really. So, I can't analyze these artists and say why I like them very eloquently. But! I can suggest to many of you that read this that I do indeed like them.

Artist inspire me regularly. A lot of times I go through times where I can't come up with anything at all... then I want to kill myself. Then I find some cool ass art that I like that makes me live for yet another day.

Well this week I would like to point the finger to Chris Ryniak. I've followed him on twitter for a bit of time @ChrisRyniak

Visit his site here.


You can also see a lot of his artwork here in his book. If I ever stop being poor I fully plan to buy one.

What I like about him is simply the monsters... something he refers to on his site as "critters."

I don't particularly draw monsters too much anymore, but I never stopped loving them. They were my first love in fact. And looking at much of his work makes me refind my first  love once in a while... in fact I would like to start drawing some monsters right this second.

Later... drawing mosnters, leave me alone!

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