Islamic Art Internment Ends

November 02, 2011

Since 2003 the Islamic art section of The Met has been closed for repairs and expansion. Eight years of repairs and expansion? It must be getting its own damn wing.

The same year in which we go to war with Iraq the Islamic section of art in the museum shuts down, not to reopen until the year we decide to leave Iraq. Going to war with a Muslim nation seems to have resulted in an internment of their art in our nation instead of its people, like the Japanese-Americans faced in World War II. Which, I suppose, is a step forward when it comes to social injustices.

I doubt there is any validity to this wild claim of mine, but it makes me wonder. It makes me really want to check out this new exhibit to see if it should have taken eight hears of some construction company's milking of the museum dry.

Check out a real article on this here.

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