Marni Kotak Returns

November 01, 2011

Marni Kotak gave birth to her baby last week in a New York City art gallery as a performance that she called the "highest form of art."

This week she returns back to the place of the birthing of baby Ajax, a healthy 9 pound 2 ounce boy.

I'm not certain how I feel  about this whole thing. While I definitely would consider this to be performance art I find it a bit presumptuous to refer to it as the "highest form of art." It may very well be higher than most of the work that me and fellow artists such as myself are capable of, due to the fact that we are men, but clearly some women may be capable of achieving something greater... Perhaps a 9 pound 3 ounce baby.

I would like to see her now, in turn, use the placenta to work on a piece of visual art, so that she can reach across a broader spectrum of media.

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