How Do You Edit Insanity? Help Out

September 14, 2011

Final editing has begun of Mye Autobiographical and there are many parts that can simply be read and wrote many different ways... intentionally!

“Hmm, okay then. I’ll have one of the green things, two of the brown things, and seven of the things that  have as many eyes staring back at me. I’ll want the sauce that covers it entirely, except for the spot that tastes good already. That shit is delicious from what I can remember on my last voyage to the land of the water bucket. Give me more of the urchin scum-gratter that makes a splatter in your loins, and the ding of a coins, but don’t forget the vinaigrette that makes people regret. That shit, so I’ve heard, is what makes people grow big and strong."

"Ho, Ho, Ho, Green Gi-ant!" Some weird commercial from the 1980's interrupted.

So, you see. The end is clearly near.


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