Time to Defend the Moon Against Alien Attack

June 03, 2005

When, all things considered, begin to go awry, we need to pull together and prepare for the loss of our beloved Luna. She is at risk beyond our own imagination.

The other day, for one thing, is not really a day unless we revolve around our sun. Therefore, our day is dependant upon gravity. Our tides are dependant upon gravity, and therefore, we are dependant upon gravity. What the shit? We require the force of something so mysterious merely to live a day. For this reason mankind is at risk. At risk of being ruined by the removal of our mysterious force that provides us our daily.

So, not having gravity would be the end of time. Not because we would float off of the planet or any of that childish shit. But because there would be no time. If we don’t make that journey that spins us around and shit like that we lose track of the numbers. Aliens are aware of this. And our moon is at risk.

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