Ten Proverbs

October 11, 2005

1. - Accomplishment graces me occasionally. It’s semi-entertaining. I laugh, I smile, and I do whatever it is that I can do to maintain this endorphin based high.

I am graced occasionally and I continue to lead a melodramatic life based on entertainment of others’ sorrows. It must be a defense mechanism in order for me to deal with my own mortality. It can’t be normal to truly posses these feelings. They are a product of malnourishment. They desire normalcy, but I quietly shut them away in my cellar of shame.


2. - A hunger envelopes my passion. Not to say that my passion isn’t hungry. It’s just that the hunger I possess leads to meandering and my passion becomes entranced, confused, and miserable. And achieving desire would be the passion of many, but not for me. To me, achievement is a way to survive. How can you be passionate about survival? It’s an instinct, innate. I take it for granted in order to direct my passion elsewhere.


3. - A little serenity blesses me occasionally. It comes at times when I least expect it. It washes away every emotion and thought except complacency. I just stare off into nothingness and feel overwhelmed by it. It is one of few joyous moments that I tend to recall. It is odd that people can find joy in stagnation, but it envelopes the soul and lets you reach within your fortified boundaries and grab what you had long forgotten that you possess. It captivates me that I can be so captivated by what seems to be so miniscule. Life?


4. - Changes occur as quickly as mankind lets them. It’s ironic in the aspect that most hate change, but it’s brought on by our own actions. It’s ironic that mankind still struggles with the simple things, but everything else is done with as much ease as merely being born. Irony takes us on a trip to a land long forgotten. It is ancestry of our wrath as people. It is the glue that binds us effortlessly. Without irony we would fail to see life for what it is, a gift.


5. - At the beginning of life…

At the end of life…

Sometimes during life we face uncertainty. I face problems as much as the next person. I face nothingness as much as anyone else, but I stare into that void with an evil eye just to see it stare back. Together we stare, existing on the same plane, and for a brief moment I fear nothing and the void feels alive. Together we overcame dilemma. Together we merge.


6. - I’m going to rightly claim that nothing has a true understanding. We like to think we know more than we actually do. While it is true that we’ve come along way, it is probably true that the vast sea of information to add to our library of knowledge is as infinite as the universe. Assuming that the universe is as infinite as we believe it is.


7. - A significant amount of life can be disrupted by a single thought.

8. - A line of life is a strong as it is weak. An innocent pluck and the infrastructure is put into jeopardy. An intake of virility and it can accomplish anything.


9. - Man’s greatest problem is the fact that we are too ignorant to realize that we are intelligent enough to prevent our own quandaries.


10, - The limelight of life shines as much as it casts a shadow. More often than not, most people find themselves in the shadow, for it is a grand shadow, a chasm, a black hole. Escaping the shadow and pressing on into the light, at times, seems to be accomplished with nothing short of a miracle. Well I’m here to tell you it is possible. Answers are given freely in the long breadlines to your soul. Patience is the key that unlocks the chain tying you to the dark. Hopelessness is a petty emotion for petty people. Look beyond yourself, within and without, and happiness will find you.



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