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If at any given time I truly cared about anything, it was at a time before my enlightening. Ignorance is bliss. Before you know, you care. Caring can be painful, but it filters your soul. All things come and pass, some faster than others. The longer something withstands time, it seems, the less it cares.

Then why is it, that my short time here has already given me this apathy that courses through me as vigorous as anything has ever been.

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October 15, 2011

Sometimes we care for others, but we don’t know why. Sometimes I care that you don’t care, but I don’t know why. And then I remind myself that to care only brings pain upon us, so what’s the use of caring at all. I don’t know and, someday, I probably won’t care. But I care about not caring, because those of us that proclaim our good deeds on high are usually the ones that fall the lowest when the truth is known, because the facade of their lie becomes transparent. However, those of us that confess to and become self aware of the inherent apathy, and selfishness, that I believe all to posses to some extent, are the ones that are closer to the enlightenment of which you speak, the ones that actually care the most and yet show it the least. So maybe, the longer something withstands time, the less it feels the need to demonstrate its care because it becomes a given. Energy cannot be constantly wasted on reassurance, nobody cares to do that. Nor can it be taken for granted, but it will always face that threat. To me energy is precious, and should be spent on what counts without caring too much about losing it in the end. Thoughts and emotions are fleeting, but how well we place our energy into what we dare to care about is what makes life worth it, despite how ever fleeting that also turns out to be.

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