October 27, 2004

Something about everything I’ve ever been creeps out of my wounds as if it was the only option it had. Destroying who I was is the only way I can be everything I’ve ever wanted to be. The spillage of insanity envelopes who I am and what I was, but the future appears to be much bleaker. This is me, the man who can’t make a thought, a decision, or a comprehension of any kind. My name is Insecurity.

Hopefully someone can understand what it is about me that makes no sense. It’s the only way I can assure that my thoughts turn to legacy. I wish and hope, but I never pray. Hoping and wishing for something is fine. If nothing comes of it, it merely means you were wishing or hoping. However, praying for something means you put your faith into God to give you what it is that you desire. And much like hoping and wishing, you are let down. However, this time around it means there is no god.

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