The American Dreadnought



"We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union," assemble ourselves as semi-maneuverable cogs in the framework of a pumping heart in a grievous machine we all call home. It can safely be said that not much of anything we do means much more than merely contributing to the insured survival of this colossal dreadnought, of which we are a part of, and cannot escape.  From the beginning of our educations we are persuaded to believe that our vitality as a whole is in our success, a success that is not earned, but purchased.

It is this education that I have recently begun to question. It's not due to the fact that I feel as dispensable as we all obviously are, despite being told otherwise. It's the fact nothing seems to have a real value except the arbitrary ones assigned by mankind's capricious methods. Is the quality of this intricately designed and laid out path worth as much as we all assume it is? I try to see beyond this fickle nature with less blemished eyes, but I haven't been rewarded with the ability to continue on seeing through these gilded ones our society has so graciously given me. It pains me to think I know beyond what my eyes allow me to see. This is paranoia. This is me... and possibly you.

Daily, the cog that I am finishes another revolution with no end in sight. I spin out of control safely within the bounds of our macrostructure. Nothing like spinning, particularly this kind, will ever make you so sick. My semi-maneuverable nature gives way to a wobble that gracefully adds its touch to my gyrating syndrome while being force fed ideas of what I should do, how I should do it, and when. We are preprogrammed to spin our desire out until the teeth of our cogs wear thin, at which point we graduate and are rewarded with upward mobility; now a larger cog with more, longer and sharper teeth which we will utilize to dig ourselves into the dreadnought even further, like throwing an anchor off a spinning merry-go-round and watching inertia play its fun little game, you don't come to an immediate stop, though the process has started, but you watch that anchor dig in, insuring your escape is undesirable and woefully impossible.

As a larger cog, thousands of smaller ones depend on you for their very survival. They need that spinning guidance in order to model their future rotations. But as a larger cog, right out of the box, you already owe to the rest of the machine more than what your own value is worth. This machine is a factory, a maker of cogs, that only generates more sprockets that are fully in the business of creating more. A cyclone of gears keeping the others in order and insuring that the master cog gets its turn, a turn that gradually spins a smile into a grin.

This is the America our progeny have been brought into. An America where a typical set of parents, who together, laboriously make slightly more than an average pittance and our dreadnought routinely jumps to its defense declaring it more than sufficient to live off of and send their 2.5 children education bound, which will cost, assuming a family made enough to save, more than a lifetime to accrue. This is where a young cog starts its cycle which will continue until that anchor weaves its web around that merry-go-round until it has that unavoidable affect of putting it into a reversing downward spiral. A discharged cog waiting to be recycled now will stand in the modern breadlines of a dwindling social security.

The most acceptable way to avoid an outcome, whereupon you are dependent on the machine, is to fall in line with the rest of everyone else who are all pursuing the capital necessary to attain such means as to avoid those menial dreadnought disbursements that are delivered much later and often postponed until after death. What does this mean? Borrow money! ... and a lot of it. Now your ripcord has been pulled back into the correct position. Commence the spinning.

The average person is convinced that an education is worth its weight in gold, or something equally outlandish. The fact of the matter is that if you didn't get this education you wouldn't be paying the master cog a nominal monthly tax that we all commonly refer to as a college loan payment. And the cycle has started. However, this debt will never find a terminus. Each individual cog will adorn more and more extravagances, all of which have a price tag that requires a payment plan. And now all of the cogs that are part of the master cog begin to spin towards that grin. A master plan masterfully pulled off and due to be passed on as if a hereditary trait.

Earlier that dreadnought was sufficiently fueled by our tariffs, and then our industrial workers. Later, as times changed, advances in every field made it necessary to require an education that wasn't necessary a generation before. Some of the proverbial pockets of those upper level sprockets were obviously lined. And yet, another generation later, it took yet another step forward demanding an education beyond the four-year benchmark. Please borrow more money... our elderly are not all to ready to wait in breadlines. With no positions readily available in the job market because our elders no longer die at the appropriate time, demanding a higher education to keep those youngsters spinning elsewhere while accruing an overwhelming debt, as large as that of a house, becomes all to necessary... and lucrative. The spinning grows a grin larger.

The sad thing about this reality is that the majority, including myself, reading this will disagree with the writing's logic because the brainwashing has sank so deep as to convince you that no "good" life can be lead without following the path that these cogs take. And while I, myself, fully admit to being detained in this model and bound by its inner workings, I fully regret that I see it as if it is my only option. The noble savages of Rousseau seem to be something to aspire to be despite being so ethnocentrically slighted. Maybe it is this ethnocentricity that leads us Americans to believe we are the best and to continue being as such we must fall into a line that does all it can to exploit our very nature.

I am inclined to believe that my perception could be mildly skewed due to my unrelenting pessimism. However, it is clear that even the most optimistic of views can see this machine in working disarray which obviously runs around the clock in a think tank dreaming of news ways in which to exploit its very supporters and dependants. When will this grin reach from ear to ear?




We, as children, are prepared as much as any metal is on its way to the cog-shaping machine. And just as this metal is routinely stressed and its structure refined in order for it to take its place among the rest, so are we. You can not say that this practice is unique to our own nation, for it is clearly practiced, even on a much larger scale, in many other countries, often to the point of creating and self sustaining a hugely corrupt society. You might recall children of communist countries even turning their parents in for speaking out against communist dogma in the privacy of their own homes, only to be harshly punished, retroactively creating a newly constructed family consisting of the children and a new caretaker. And while I love our country much too much to make a true comparison between that radicalism and ourselves, I find it necessary to point it out in order to show just how easily children can be manipulated to follow any set of parameters given to them.

American children are raised with one thought resounding within their mind more than any other; that thought? You can be anything you want to be if you just put your mind to it. Now this statement is said as if it is absolute fact, and for the most part it is, except for the last part because it really isn't your mind that your putting "it" to, it's the mind of the machine. That is were all the preparation we've endured through our childhood steps in when we choose what it is that want to be. Proverbially brainwashed by our desire to work towards being one with our society truly showcases just how manipulated we are at such a young age.

I've never felt pressured by my government to spy on my parents, but it is now, more than likely to most people, commonplace for our parents to make sure to instill in us, if not already an innate quality, an eye of a very watchful nature aimed squarely on our government. Therefore, I must not be stepping too far out of bounds in claiming that this dreadnought does indeed exist. For that many eyes to be focused on it in so many locations and situations it must truly be omnipresent. Now the very nature of this oppressing machine envelopes each and everyone of us from within ourselves. This is truly an awesome power. For everyone to be aware of such a thing and be so suspicious of it at the same time, but allow it to control who we are and what we stand for all while forging our children with our best traits and an ability to be as successful as possible within the machine's sphere of influence, you must truly be seeing through shackled eyes.

Yet still we send our children off to their first day of school with tears in our eyes, though these eyes are filled with tears of joy and sadness at the same time, they should be filled with weariness. Weariness, because we know, though not too knowingly, that we have just placed them on the conveyor belt of an assembly line. I, as much as anyone, truly support a good education and I don't mean to insinuate that schools, public or private, are merely established to indoctrinate our children, though that assuredly does play at least the most minor of roles, but the fact of the matter is our schools do help in applying that hammer to the anvil in shaping the lives of children into a configuration that is most useful to our society. With the end of one thing out of the ashes another is to arise; so our weariness shouldn't be donned because an education is being sought, but because the cycle has just rose out of the ashes of the death of a child's innocence. If there were ever a reason to shed a tear, this would be it.

So, like the fall of our favorite antagonists of the past, the soviets, we are surrendering before the fight were to ever begin. Though not on a nationwide scale pitting one country against another, our surrender is more of an internal defeat. And without hesitation we continue to send our children off to be prepared by someone else's hands, despite the lengths at which we go to in order to shelter them or self educate. Only extreme actions can be the ones that truly prevent the children's preparation, such as a Robinson Crusoesque lifestyle, something many of us would never consider.

Several years after all these preparations are made the children are now adults well on their way to contributing to their macrostructure. The preparation is complete and now the cog is laid firmly in place.



So, Who is the Dreadnought?


You are! I am! We all are! Single handed none of us are anything near what this amalgamation is. It take us all, working diligently in our hysteria, to create this machine that has infiltrated everything that we are. It's not the government, nor is it our corporations. It's not the new modern American aristocracy, nor is it a masterplanned conspiracy, and it is certainly not our poverty stricken lower class, but it is each and every one of these things serving as cog that chooses how this machine will function. So, in truth, the Dreadnought is our culture. In order to make a stand and start a revolution you essentially begin with a point in which you stand by to make said stand. But what stand do you make against your culture? How do you win a war with yourself? Do we scrap everything and start from scratch, or do we wait and see how how this machine grows or crumbles? The future, it would seem, is in no body's hands.

The machine is a Dreadnought that has perfect control of a perfectly balanced wobble of each revolution of each and every cog that we are. We are everything that the machine is and we are every action that the machine makes. We are all the reasons we are controlled by this machine and we are all the reasons this machine exists. We the people of the United States are a democracy, ruled by the people, and we, as rulers, have allowed ourselves to be our own autocrat, tyrant, and oppressor.

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