November 17, 2008

a formal letter to a former Friend

conveyed by an addressor

meaning to come to a means to an end


this treacherous confessor

scribes his successor whilst his couriers do send


an old Companionship revered in the past

inseparable 'til treason

and then to the zephyr 'twas it cast


adorning rival apparel for good reason

then finaly an irenic season dawned the table at last


an addressor's plan over steps bound

proving to an old Chum

that not all recent ideas where too terribly sound


a house sheds sorrow over the sum

of a remains that succumbed to ruinous words abound


another one sent with a Fellowship to mend

but contained an elixir

conveyed by an usurper with a grin


treaties received by two transgressors

with nothing but the suppressor - of Death - in The End.

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