March 31, 2006

In the land of a thousand hoaxes I simply plea

This mandate of humility bequeathed to me

Exaltation is no longer a remnant of my desire

Kneel and let knell then suffer trial by fire

Heisting a destiny will furnish no sin

Tithing collected with nothing short of a grin

A bleak sky booms and clouds over with blood

Dripping then pouring mixing with mud

A compound stronger than ever before

Progeny beckon, my bloody tears bore

From nothingness to godliness we breed disease

From fortune to famine catching death on a breeze

Ascending into tomorrow leaving nothing but dust

My seeds devour life beyond that of lust

I need your tears

I need your blood

I need your mind

I need your life

I need your pity

I need your smite

I need all that is

I need to exist

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